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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vermont’s colors this autumn have been spectacular in many areas!  My hectic schedule hasn’t allowed me as much time as I would like to be out there with a camera, but I still have had a little time to have some fun.

Maple sugaring shack, Richmond, Vermont

I initially saw this maple sugaring shack one evening but the setting sun was behind the building to the left of the frame.  Light streaming through the trees washed out any colors I wanted to capture.  A quick visit the next morning, brightly overcast, allowed me to capture the scene I wanted to.

Red barn, autumn in Vermont

This barn is really beautiful with the stonework, aged red barn board siding, surrounding trees and mountains in the background.  As with the sugaring shack, it took several visits and this photo captured much of what I wanted but the light never worked in my favor.  It took some adjustments in post-processing to bring out the scenery while preserving the light sky.

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